Messy Mondays meet….I don’t know

I cannot think of a catchy title to convey the idea of Intentional Mondays. Um. Not Motivational Mondays, because…well, just because. Absolutely not Momentous Mondays because that is just intimidating and Mondays are rarely momentous for me.

Awhile back I wrote about Messy Mondays. Mondays have become a bit of a challenge for me in the homeschool experience; I’ve realized how difficult it is to switch gears from the laid back weekend mode to school mode on Monday morning. Our weekends tend to be busy, so that also means the house needs attention on Mondays. Plus the menu for the week. Oh, and the lesson plans. The dog usually realizes he was neglected over the weekend as well…and the needs start becoming apparent quickly.

Sometimes it is difficult to find that few moments of silence to start the morning with some focus. I’m very thankful for a rainy Monday today and kids still sleeping, and good coffee. The quiet is welcome and gives me a few moments to read and to adjust my thinking and my attitude to what is required for today.

Today I am aware that the description I just gave for Mondays is frighteningly typical of my life. I fly by the seat of my pants far too often. I have the lesson plans done and a general idea of what the week holds and what is required…however, I often do not have the same plans in place for my kids lives. My oldest is almost 12, the youngest almost 2. In between are almost 7 and 9. Within that spread there are a whole wealth of needs, and needs that require focus and intention and planning. Not fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants parenting.

We’ve been dealing with attitude around here lately, and I know that mine has not been stellar. There has been more name calling than normal, and more back talk. Just a general “attitude” that is not pleasant and is not honoring to one another or to God. Today I realized that much of it comes from living in a reactionary way…instead of setting up the focus for the day and the intention of the day, I’ve been reacting. Playing catch-up to all the activity instead of directing.

We can’t live that way with our kids. We’ve got to be intentional and we’ve got to be focused and we’ve got to pray. We can’t pray in a vague and distracted way, but we have to pray with intention and with insight and with vigor.

Part of my Monday ritual is now going to include this element of desiring focus and desiring to set the tone and the direction of the week. Every week is going to be busy with this many living together. I don’t know about you, but it is so easy to fall behind for me, and then I’m just frustrated and things start falling apart. Instead, my hope is to read from those who are thinking about how to raise Godly kids in a world that does not care about their integrity or their innocence…and my hope is to feed my thoughts to be focused and intentional. I need to see beyond what today’s needs are so that the preparation is there for the needs of next year, of next month…

I know that what I am saying is really common sense, especially as a Christian. Still, sometimes I need to say common sense things to myself and put it in writing. I need to remember that there is no substitute for prayer and discipline in seeking God and being intentional. Sometimes I need some help, and reading others’ thoughts helps me…I hope it helps you as well.

So, give me ideas on a title for Mondays….and suggestions on blogs to read for insights into raising kids with intention and focus and….most of all….hope and joy. (Whew, there’s a whole post right there!)  Here is what I read today….

Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture

Got the Grumpies?

What I want Adeline to Know

You’ll Find Your Way


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