Creativity and Joy…14 years!

It has been months since I have written anything. Months that have been busy, filled with travel and camping and family. Months filled now with homework and lesson planning. Busy, busy life…with not much time for sitting and thinking.


Thankfully the rhythm of birthdays brings me back to these pages, and the latest is a great moment to sit and reflect. I’m late even with this birthday post, but I did not want to simply rush the thoughts.


14 years old. Nathaniel David.  Oh my how time flies.


The last year has witnessed your rapid growth spurt, the change in your voice…and the continuing realization of who you are. Every year you become more comfortable in your own skin, more adept at seeing the world in your very unique way. 

And that is a wonderful thing.

You bring joy and creativity to just about everything you do. Except waking up. There is not so much joy in the moments we try to wake you.

You have a wonderful ability to look at an event or an outing and find ways to make it “more” than it was. You add color and delight and wonder. You do not simply make your way through things…you plan them and you think of the impact of events. 

That is a valuable ability, and it has value and impact on all around you.

One of the results is the friendships you enjoy. You value people, and you care…and those around you know that. Plus you are just enjoyable to know. 
You laugh heartily and you feel things deeply. Sometimes the latter part can make life difficult. You can be hurt more quickly and more deeply than those who brush things off…but the benefit is you also can experience a wonderful depth of joy in life. 

Life is fuller with you alongside. We are so thankful for you. Thankful for the creativity and sharp wit, for the quick mind and questions you bring to the table. So thankful for the man you are becoming. 

I’m sorry your birthday post was a couple days late…but thanks for drawing me back to this place. Plus, we’ll celebrate some more today!!

Happy 14th, my boy! Love you!