So yesterday was his actual birthday.  I didn’t get a chance to write this up yesterday, though…and plus, today is Saturday and his friends are coming over to celebrate him today. So, today seems a good day to wish the boy a Happy Birthday.

Yep, that boy.  

The one I made cry the other day.   He was stubborn from the start. Turned sunny-side-up and didn’t want to come out. Spent the whole day walking up and down Oak Street in Vancouver trying to coax him out, and then finally he was here. He was quiet at the start…quiet enough to make the nurses worried. Quiet as he got older; he would be content to be with people and not talk at all. Then he began to find his voice and the boy blossomed. We joke that some day he will be a street preacher with that voice.

He uses it now to express that creativity and amazing imagination. He is the boy with the stories and the plans and the laughter.  Yep, he is the one who will make his own Halloween costume and come up with the best party games.


He is the one who is hurt easily by word, and who is so concerned about how people are feeling. His friends are so important to him. He loves to be with people and to be engaged and playing and laughing and giggling and yelling and making things.

He is unpredictable. He feels things deeply and lives more alive than most of us. He’s our amazing Nathaniel David, and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Nate!! I can’t believe you are 9, and I cannot wait to see what the next year holds!! You are loved!!!!


14 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATE!!!!

  1. Carol Thompson says:

    Happy birthday Nate. You were 2 when we moved in next door and now your are 9?? WOW time really flies. Hope you have a most wonderfully blessed birthday.


  2. kevtuc says:

    Happy Birthday Nate!!!! What an amazing creative kid – don’t grow up too fast!!


  3. Isabella says:

    Happy birthday Nate!!!!! 🙂 I cannot believe my quiet boy who I could always count on to know the answers is already nine! 🙂 have an awesome week!!!! 🙂


  4. jlo says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!


  5. seth mossman says:

    Happy birthday Nate!


  6. Uncle Clark says:

    Happiest Birthday Nathaniel
    Know that within you are gifts divine
    Your smile, your voice and laughter combine
    To comfort the hearts of those you surround
    Causing their joy and worth and love to abound

    For me it is quite evident and obviously certain
    God placed you here to aid hearts a hurtin’
    Bridle the passion of your concern
    For others well being and always stand firm
    In knowing that God’s plan for your life
    Is daily evolving in the souls of those with strife.
    You are more than important in the Lord’s overall plan
    To grow the membership of His clan.

    Enjoy your ninth year and find solice
    In the Lord’s words of powerful promise.

    Happy Birthday Nathaniel !!!!!!!


  7. Nova says:

    Happy Birthday Nate!


  8. Zach says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!:) Your sooooo big!
    🙂 LONG LIVE KING NATE!!! lol,


  9. Ryan says:

    Happy b day Nate, hope you had a great day!


  10. Dawn Allgood says:

    On the way home today from the party, mySam and I were talking. I said, “Nate’s a really cool kid, isn’t he?” mySam said, “Yeah, He really is. He’s a good friend.” P.S. You made me cry. He really is a great kid.


    • Sarah says:

      Thanks, Dawn….it’s funny, I was watching Sam and Nate on the swings together and thinking that they have been good friends for so long…it’s great to see them together.


  11. Sara Soapes Briggs says:

    Sorry i’m late, Happy Birthday Nate!!!


  12. Sarah says:

    Thank you all for the great comments….Nate was excited!


  13. […] Nate is my middle boy. I’ve written about him before. He is my Creative and some day he will be giving words to those who can’t find a way to […]


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