Well, I said I might do TGIF on a Monday since I posted Messy Monday on a Friday.

Life is confusing, isn’t it?!

It is a good Wednesday here in homeschool land, though, and I am thankful. I’m thankful that we were home all day today and didn’t have to go anywhere during the day. We were able to relax a little and get the school work done without much fuss. I still feel like I have so far to go in figuring out how this is supposed to work. I am getting there, though, and I am realizing that I am capable of the task. As my confidence grows in my ability, my vision for how this venture should look begins to take more form.

Life is not all about homeschool, though, and the boys are still in the midst of just ‘life’ with us. Right now that means hearing a fair bit about the elections coming as Steve and I dialog and we watch different things and read and listen and talk. And pray.

I have to be careful sometimes about leaving my FaceBook page open because there have been comments that I wouldn’t want them to read. Not because the content was something I disagreed with, but because the language the content was delivered with was vulgar and filled with arrogance and hate.

Comes from both sides of the aisle. I will say, thankfully, that most of my friends have been carrying themselves with some measure of grace. I do not mind strong debate and I do not mind dialog (although I am not sure FaceBook is the best place for the conversation). I do mind, and will ignore, arrogant rhetoric laced with vulgarity. I just do not have the time for that.

Our pastor is pretty vocal about his opinion on politics:

He doesn’t want us to be vocal about our opinions on politics.

He wants us to pray and to vote. Period.

There is a lot of wisdom there, especially because our congregation is pretty diverse and heated dialog of politics would probably do nothing but cause division.  That doesn’t mean that we never talk over a cup of coffee with a friend, but it does mean that in the house of worship we will not be wearing our pins and passing out pamphlets.  And I’m thankful for that.

I watched the Republican Convention and have watched some of the Democratic Convention so far.

I’m listening. I am conservative and not ashamed of that, but I am also listening. I have friends on both sides and I want to understand their views, but ultimately I will vote as I have peace about voting…not to win brownie points with anyone on Facebook.

I heard the closing prayer for the DNC last night and while there may be things I disagree with in relation to the Democrats, I thought Jena Lee Nardella (from here in Nashville, no less) prayed what was on many of our hearts. She prayed with compassion and grace for both candidates and she prayed with wisdom for all of us caught up in this adventure of democracy.

I wish that we were able to dialog without hate and with understanding that most of us are doing the best we can to understand and to vote in a way that we hope will bring the best about for our country. For those of us who are believers, we also vote in the hope that God will be glorified in the choices that are made.

Ultimately, though, I believe that God will still be God the day of the election and the day after. As the boys and I have been studying China I have been humbled by the luxury we live in in this country…not just financially, but in our freedoms and in the possibilities that truly are all around us. I have found myself praying toward the election with more of a spirit of gratitude and hope, knowing that God has worked and will continue to work in situations that seem impossible. I have prayed toward the election with more affection for my country…not arrogance or pride that comes from vain conceit…but affection as I hear stories of amazing people all over the country.

So, I’m Thankful on this Wednesday for a few minutes to catch my breath in a busy week. I’m thankful for brownies beginning to make the house smell wonderful….brownies that will be eaten in the presence of friends at Home Group tonight. I’m thankful for children who are beginning to be quicker to learn and catch on to the fact that we are doing more than just knocking out schoolwork…we are trying to understand our world and think about it more creatively.  I’m thankful, and humbled, that I get to stay home and be with these kiddos and bake brownies.

And I am very thankful I get to vote in November. I’m humbled by that freedom and responsibility…and pray that we, especially we believers, will carry ourselves toward that election day with dignity and with great compassion and grace even while we take our stand and make our vote.

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