I Never Thought…

Again, I’m spoofing off my friend Michael’s Things I Think thread that he posts each week on his blog. A few things have struck me this past week…

1. I never thought I would want new carpeting more than just about anything I can think of. Seriously. More than a stereo or camera equipment at the moment. Ahh…carpet without stains, and that actually would have tracks left from when you vacuum. You know, because it has enough pile to leave a track. Yeah. I’d love that.

2. I never thought I could be moved to absolute delight by the simple sigh of a baby falling asleep on my shoulder. It is difficult to get things done when this little one enchants me at every turn.

3. I never thought I would be so gratified and completed in being a mom. I’ve said this before…but I always thought I would be mom and something else. The motherhood part would have been in addition to the “real” activity of my life. For me, in this moment, I love nothing better than being mom…it’s rather amazing.

4. I never thought I would have half a closet dedicated to tiny pink clothes. Seriously.  God has a great sense of humor.

5. I never thought I be so out of shape. I’ve let this area of life go…and I can literally feel it in my joints. I’ve been working out and am amazed how quickly I can tell a difference in my energy…it’s so easy to get tied up in the busyness of life and neglect this.

6. I never thought it would be so hard to come up with 10 things I never thought. Did I say that last time I posted this? Michael…how do you come up with 10 things. Seriously. My brothers would probably be amazed I can’t come up with 10….they used to pay me $20 to be quiet for 15 minutes.

…maybe I’ll come up with another 4 later today 😉


(Yep…this brain works slowly, but it still works ; )  )

7. I never thought I would be so looking forward to homeschooling. We are going to begin homeschooling all the kids this next year, for  variety of reasons. I’m really looking forward to the whole process…and will have an article up soon to pick some friend’s brains about the whole venture. We have been extremely impressed with the kids (of all ages) we know who come from homeschool families. I’m looking forward to being with the boys and to approach their learning in a different way. Hoping that the outcome is strong and good.


6 thoughts on “I Never Thought…

  1. Michael says:


    Every Monday morning I rue the day I started that column with 10 things instead of five…or three. 🙂


  2. sarahkwolfe says:

    Ha! I actually had a couple others while I was driving, but, um…of course I can’t remember them now!


  3. Blairanne says:

    I have something for you my dear friend…laminate flooring. It can stand two dogs whose nails need cutting and the countless drops of toys and sippy cups! 🙂


  4. sarahkwolfe says:

    Blairanne!! So great to see your name!

    Yes! I actually think we would do the laminate wood flooring downstairs…although I still like the idea of carpet in the bedrooms. It’s on our list…for when, you know, we have extra money laying around!


  5. Anna says:

    I can (again) identify with so many of these (for example, being out of shape!). I am enjoying homeschooling more and more now that we are slowly finding what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ve only been doing it for a year and a half. I am sure we’ll get to a point where we really know what we’re doing – eventually. 🙂


  6. sarahkwolfe says:

    Anna…I’m doing a thread on homeschooling today and I’d love it if you hump in the discussion. We’re going to start homeschooling next year!


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