Behold the Lamb of God….

I keep thinking I will come up with something new to say…something that strikes me and makes me think, and hopefully you as well. It hasn’t happened yet.  We went away with Steve’s folks for a few days to a cabin in Gatlinburg. I had this naive thought that I would be able to sit on the porch swing and read some, and maybe even write something…

Well, the time was a little more like this than it was a contemplative moment…

I instead find myself needing to be reminded to pay attention to the season. To slow down. It’s not too late. I know there are still lots of doors on the Advent calendar that are supposed to be open…but there’s time.

There’s still time to slow down and pay attention.

So, friends….here’s a chance.

Every year I love Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God to bring me into focus on the truth of the season. He offers it free on this player and the words to the first song are what I need to hear. Find some quiet place, put on some headphones and shut everything out for a few moments. Listen all the way through…he weaves the story of our Messiah.

He reminds us to listen and pay attention.
He takes us into celebration.

Start here….

Gather ‘round, ye children, come Listen to the old, old story Of the pow’r of death undone By an infant born of glory Son of God, Son of Man Gather ‘round, remember now How creation held its breath How it let out a sigh And it filled up the sky with the angels Son of God, Son of Man

Then go here and hear…

Andrew Peterson Player

It’s not too late. Slow down. Pay attention….and celebrate. ..


2 thoughts on “Behold the Lamb of God….

  1. patricia Martens says:

    Thanks Sarah. Canada misses you.


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