Who am I?!

I have been trying to come up with something creative and catchy and interesting to post on this “about” page.

Well…I’m not good at catchy. This blog has become a place to think aloud, a place to process and to share thoughts. I find myself in a time where the need to process come up more often than I might have guessed. My mother, a talented and beautiful lady, is diminishing into the shadows of dementia. My father does an amazing job of caring for her; modeling love for us in a real way. “Us” mostly consists of myself and four older brothers. A fantastic family.

My little family almost mirrors my family growing up…I have three boys and a little girl. We have embarked on the adventure of home school this year, and I find myself writing about that some as well. Our life is full and busy, sometimes aggravating but usually joyful. And full of laundry, all the time.

I’ve had the blessing of attending graduate school in Vancouver, BC at Regent College. Studying under theologians like J.I. Packer, Gordon Fee, Bruce Waltke, John Stackhouse was an amazing gift.

Now I am trying to pull all of that together and inform life in this moment.


I’d love to hear your stories as well!


2 thoughts on “Who am I?!

  1. Christie Chaney says:

    Miss you Mrs. Sarah and our toddlers.

    Liked by 1 person

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