12 Years of Sammy

12 years old.


It’s funny, but in many ways it seems you should be older. It seems you should already be a teenager. You carry yourself with a maturity that teases us, until you break out in an imitation of the Carlton dance or start to laugh so hard you snort. Then we see the glimpses of the child still in you.



And that is a good and delightful thing.


You have always had a joy about you, as well as compassion. You are moved by pain and happiness in others. You pay attention. Don’t ever let that be quieted…it is one of your best traits and something we cannot simply teach you. God has gifted you with a compassionate spirit.




12 years of Sammy.


IMG_1400 copy


We have watched countless soccer games in all types of weather. Watched you play with confidence, and watched your teammates laugh at your antics and humor.



download (1)We have listened as you played piano with delight and talent (and yes we need to get that new piano ASAP!).




We have listened to you play hours upon hours of XBox, but I won’t post a picture of that. Even in that your enthusiasm and laughter are evident. And sometimes your frustration and anger, but only sometimes.


You have matured so much this year, in both your personality and your look. It’s pretty amazing, really. You have blossomed in our new settings of tutorials and the new house. I love seeing the friendships you have begun this year solidify. I love seeing that others see that something special about you…the way your eyes twinkle when you laugh and smile, the way you look at things just a little differently.




Keep delighting in stories. Keep that competitive spirit matched with the compassionate spirit. Keep asking questions and wondering about things. Especially God.




12 years of Sammy. You have added a wonderful dimension to our lives. Keep letting the child in you delight and entertain us. Keep letting your maturity grow and deepen. Keep loving those around you well. Keep paying attention. You are at that wonderful stage of childhood with just the glimpses of the man you will become. Those glimpses show us a man we will be very proud of, but let’s enjoy childhood a little longer!


Happy Birthday, my boy! Enjoy your day, enjoy your parties, enjoy those whose lives you have touched as we all celebrate you!




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