Sammy Turns 11…

Appropriate that another birthday draws me back to this blog. I am thankful for the time to reflect on one of the kiddos. This moment it is Sammy. He is growing before our eyes, and I am already beginning to realize we call him Sam more often than Sammy these days. 
Eleven. Seems like such a big change from 10. Each year he seems more and more grown, maturing every day.

His love of music continues, now developing in new ways as he begins the discipline of learning to play piano. He has flourished with this, and I love watching him learn new things…love the joy he derives from playing well and mastering a piece. He also benefits, of course, from growing up in a town where music surrounds us. He has had the chance to see some truly gifted musicians, and beyond that has had the opportunity to meet these musicians.

This birthday boy continues to loves to play soccer…

And we love watching him play!

Sammy, and yes I insist on still calling him that, is in his happy place on a computer hanging out at the coffee shop with us.

Eleven years. He has learned to move from being the little brother of all to being a big brother to one. He made the transition with grace…he has been patient and kind and a teacher to Maddie. Showing his characteristics of compassion and patience with her, and his great humor throughout. 

Eleven years, he is sneaking up on being more man than child, but I am thankful he is still filled with the joy of childhood. He still giggles uncontrollably at silly things. He has learned to become absorbed in stories, and I am thrilled that his love of story is growing. His love of God is tender and true. He has spoken nearly the same prayer every night in nightly prayers for probably close to two years. It is not a redundancy…it is a liturgy for him. 

So thankful for eleven years of his laughter and smile, his affection and his love of so many things. Thankful for the very key part of our family he is…for the way he lightens our lives and brings joy. I cannot wait to see how he continues to mature and to grow. Cannot wait to see how he develops in his skills in soccer and piano. Cannot wait to see the man beginning to show in the midst of his childhood delights and innocence. I’ll also delight in the fact that he is still child enough to want hugs and cuddles and being read to at night.

So, Happy Birthday, Samuel. Enjoy the sliders tonight and the cake and ice cream. Enjoy the presents and the notes from those who love you. Embrace 11 and continue to bring joy and delight and wonder along with you.


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