Relearning Advent

I posted yesterday about Advent. The need for anticipation in our lives, and the need for awareness of God’s very intentional love.

Lots of my friends do not participate in Advent as something structured. I always intend to, and very rarely am able to follow through with consistency. Still, the desire is there for that hallowed space of 24 days marked by a different approach. 

So. This year again I attempt. Advent Sunday began yesterday, but the 24 days of Advent will begin Thursday. There’s still time to think about ways to mark this year as different.

Here is a post from a couple years ago with some ideas to get things started. Mostly, let’s just make a point of pausing the noise so we can find that place of anticipation of the coming of Jesus. Let’s catch a glimpse of that wonder and amazement. 

What is Advent?


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