Happy Birthday to the one who holds it all together…

I am late. I have the habit of wishing a Happy Birthday to those in my household here, on this little blog. I have the habit of thinking over their lives and recognizing the people they are, and are becoming.


There was a birthday this week, and I didn’t write. At least not until this morning. The week was a whirlwind. We started Monday recouping from a hockey tournament which took up the entire weekend. The eldest’s team went undefeated, by the way. Pretty great.


Then there was a small event on Tuesday which occupied a bit of our attention.


Wednesday and Thursday and are a bit of a blur.


Thursday was the birthday. I needed a bit of a quiet morning to write this birthday tribute, and this morning is the first of the week. Listening to Leonard Cohen with the sun peeking in is a perfect morning.


Yesterday was the husband’s birthday. He left for work, just as the sun was rising. Came home twelve hours later with a smile. He has been, for 19 years, the consistent one in the family. He continually provides for us, encourages us, cheers us on. He continually sacrifices so I can stay home and the kids can homeschool.


He leads without realizing how eager people are to follow him. He is wise and kind, and people recognize that.


This week sparks a new chapter in our lives as he began a new job, after 11 years at his previous employment. We will be moving closer to the big city soon, and things will change. We are excited about a bit less stress, and the opportunity to be closer to friends. Excited about a new chapter.


So, a little late, but Happy Birthday, Steve. Thank you for continually bringing stability to our home. Thank you for working so hard for us. Thank you for cheering so loudly for us. Thank you for always surprising us with new talents: drawing something amazing, or sitting down to the piano and figuring out how to play Benny and the Jets. Or Styx.


Thank you for raising three boys to be strong, compassionate men.


And one little girl to know what a Godly, compassionate father and husband looks like.



We love you. Happy Birthday.


One thought on “Happy Birthday to the one who holds it all together…

  1. Steve Wolfe says:

    Thank you sweetheart…you are too kind! As I always say, I’m blessed to be married to the absolute best person I’ve ever known.

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