Happy Birthday, Steven!!!

These birthdays keep sneaking up and reminding me how little I have written lately. They are good rhythm-keepers of my year. 
This time it is the husband’s birthday. He is knee-deep in paperwork and responsibilities at work, so the day itself won’t be much of a celebration. The party will have to wait a few days, but I know the kids are eager to celebrate Dad. They know that they are fortunate: they have a Dad who loves them generously and well. A Dad who is playful and creative, but also who expects the best from them. 


A Dad willing to go on adventures. Willing to listen to what is important to us, and pay attention. 


More than that, a husband who is patient and compassionate. Who is willing to care well for all of us, taking on my parents as his own. That is worth celebrating. 

Happy Birthday, to the one who brings it all together for our family. The one who provides for us, who laughs with us and challenges us to be better.

Happy Birthday to the one who has made me a better person. Even though I still haven’t conquered the laundry. 

We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Steven!!!

  1. Penny says:

    Happy birthday Steve! Hope your day was grand.


  2. Andy Mossman says:

    Happy Birthday Steve !!!! Hope you have a great day and many blessings for the year ahead!


  3. Becky Tucker says:

    Happy Birthday Steve!


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