Nate-The-Great is 12!



Every year I am surprised. Another year has passed. I look through the pictures of the last year, and beyond, and think of how much my children change in the passing of days.


Today is the Creative One’s birthday. Nate-the-Great. 12. Unbelievable. Sometimes we are struck that it can’t be ‘just’ 12 because you seem so much older, and other times we are struck by the reality that you are already 12.  You are this mix of innocence and maturity, of goofiness and deep thoughts.


Creative. You amaze us with the endless making of worlds on Minecraft…of games and ideas and servers and administration and dialog. You are constantly creating. Beyond Minecraft into the real world with pictures and colors and games and ideas. From your purple hair to laughter, you make the world brighter and funnier and deeper, just by being yourself.








I love the fact that you are willing to try new things, and you want the freedom to try them your way. You want to jump in by yourself. I’ll never forget the first Nashville Children’s Theater camp you attended, when I dropped you off and you just jumped into the game they were playing. You didn’t know anyone, it was all new, and you just went for it. I never could have done that at your age.



You are growing up, though. The goofiness and the innocence is tempered with a maturity that is beginning to show. You think things through and you want to know the why and the what if. You keep Dad and I on our toes as we have to think through our reasons for groundings and rules and life. Keep questioning, it is good for all of us.



I am so thankful for you, Nate-the-Great. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds. To see how your faith deepens and how your creativity grows.I cannot wait to see your confidence grow as you find more and more who you are. You continue to delight us, year after year, and I know this year will be even better. Keep bringing laughter and goofiness and games, along with the questions and the deep thoughts. Keep being you. You are loved.






Happy Birthday, Nate!


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