Nate-the-Great is Eleven.

I am sure I am repeating myself when I say that Nate is unique. He entered this world on his own terms.


I had to walk up and down Oak St. in Vancouver, BC trying to encourage him to come out and join us in the world. We walked to Subway, sat on church steps, enjoyed the brilliant September day in Vancouver…and still this boy did not want to come. Hours went by. Checks would happen at the hospital and confirmation would come that slight progress was being had…then, at the last moment when we thought I would have to change plans, Nate decided the time was right.


Here he came.

My beautiful picture



Right now.

And boy are we glad he did.

My beautiful picture

Eleven years of imagination, creativity and laughter. Eleven years of big thoughts and ideas, of energy and determination. Eleven years of intellect melding with a heart of compassion and love of God; eleven years developing a unique young man who is becoming more and more a young man of character and wit and delight.


You amaze me with your ability to care for your siblings.



Matched only, possibly, by your ability to drive them crazy. Still, you truly love with a great devotion and I pray that only deepens as you grow into this heart of yours.

Your imagination and creativity is what everyone who knows you is drawn to; you capture our attention. We look forward to your next ideas and your next project, and we truly know that God has gifted you with a creativity that will continue to develop. We are all so much richer because you are in our midst.




You are our sensitive soul, and I know we drive you crazy from time to time when we just don’t understand. I hope you will be patient with us. Sometimes we don’t see all the things you see, and sometimes we need some time to catch up. Keep dragging us along, even when we are sluggish.

Keep being filled with wonder. Keep filling us with wonder.




Whatever you do, don’t get bored. Keep imagining, and keep laughing. Keep being Nate-the-Great.







Happy Eleven, my boy.


IMG_0096 2


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