Tis the Season…for Flashmobs and Orchestras.

Part of Advent for me is the music.

Poetry, music, stories…these are part of what move us, part of what reach us in a different way than logic and working out our salvation with diligent thinking. Both are necessary, but during this season, there are so many opportunities to participate in worship and in some form of music which draws us in. So many different forms…there has to be some that you can find that will inspire and reach you.

We have always enjoyed going to see Handel’s Messiah, and the symphony hall here is wonderful, however, there are countless versions online:

People are more open to hearing the Gospel … and yet we also know that there is an ache and a loneliness in so many around us during this season as well. Still…this is one of my all-time favorite flash mobs:

One of the most outstanding Christmas presentations for us has been Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God. It would be much better for you to watch this short video and let him explain:

The really awesome thing, is that every year Andrew puts up a player online so that you can listen to the album online. For free. So, go listen.

Of course, this is also the season for some just joyful, wonderful music. Sometimes, it is nice to have music which simply brings a smile…and yet also carries with it the reality of the Incarnation.  Truly, it is rather amazing that as we go around through the shopping centers and we go through restaurants and all around…everywhere…we might complain that the stores are flooded with Christmas music constantly, but it also means that words of truth are being shared. I know, I know there are some very cheesy Christmas songs, and there are some that hold little to no truth. Still, every year the classic songs are played and sung and the reality that Christmas is about a savior who was born as a baby cannot be escaped.

Even if everyone says Seasons Greetings.

So, take the time to immerse yourself in some of the music of the season. Even if some is simply just for the joy of the music. Like this one that is bouncing around FaceBook…


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