Inspired by….Monday?!

So today is the first Monday attempting to dig in a little more, to think a little more deeply and to avoid distractions. I had FaceBook off most off last week, but I think I did so in the middle of the week, and Mondays are just different. So today, not logging on and spending my time with my cup of coffee looking at the latest on FB just feels, well, different.

Mondays get our attention. They make us wake up earlier and sit a little straighter and have to be a little more responsible.

Mondays are frustrating.

They mean real life is back upon us…the weekend is over. Ugh.

My boys are not fans of Mondays.  I never really have been either, but actually…don’t tell anyone…I am beginning to like them.

I cannot believe I am saying that.

I am beginning to rely on the rhythm that Monday calls me to. Monday tells me it is okay to sleep in a little sometimes, but now it is time to get back to work. Today, that means it is time to listen. That is what this whole paying attention business is about.

Time to listen to the voices who have listened themselves…time to listen to those who have something to say. Sometimes it is work to listen. Sometimes it is work just to quiet myself long enough to listen, long enough to really hear.

The goal is not just to listen, but to have something to give as well.

I am listening to learn, to be changed and to be filled so that I have something for my boys as I teach them.

Because I know just in myself I don’t have a lot.

There is more though…I want to listen to my kids as well.

Monday reminds me that another week has gone by.

Time to sit up straight and pay attention…time keeps on marching on and these little ones will not be so little for long.

In fact, my oldest grew over an inch since June. He needs to stop that. Maddie is speaking in sentences. She seriously needs to stop that. All of them are changing so quickly, and all of them have so much they want me to see. I need to pay attention.

I need to listen and I need to hear. I need to hear and I need to think about what I’ve heard, and then I need to give that back to the kids.  Reading books feeds my soul. I know that doesn’t happen for everyone. For some people listening to music has the same impact, and for some it is the interaction with others. We have to find what it is that feeds our soul in a way that brings life.

We have to find what it is that feeds our soul and in a way that makes us sit up on Monday with a hint of inspiration and an inclination that we are ready for another week to pay attention to life that week.

Part of it for me is reading, a large part is also fellowship on Sundays and worshiping together with others. There is great encouragement there and inspiration. Usually a healthy dose of thinking and challenge.

So…on this Monday….what inspires us? What feeds our souls in a way that brings life. Not just a chuckle and a diversion, but life. What pours into our souls in a way that gives us the patience and strength to pour back into the lives of those God has placed around us for us to care for, for us to inspire, for us to love?

Me?  Reading. Music. Fellowship. These things are my focus right now…with a little sprinkling of diversion.


6 thoughts on “Inspired by….Monday?!

  1. 13cheri says:

    Thank you, Sarah. I am in a place of stilling myself also. Stopping living on autopilot and paying attention to life. Really noticing and hearing. I don’t want to miss what is important for the cost of what is ordinary.


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      It’s hard, though, isn’t it? It is so easy to be driven by just the noise, and really listening takes discipline to quiet the noise. That is what I’m learning. I’m not good at discipline! I realized how agitated I was a couple weeks, ago, though…and I think it was because I knew I was unprepared for the kids because I was so distracted, and then I was just frustrated.

      Stilling ourselves…I like that description!! Hoping for a much more “still” Fall for us both 😉


  2. About a month ago, I left Facebook. Even put in the request to delete my account. It has been so freeing! My house is much cleaner. I am caught up on chores that normally I “don’t have time to get to.” It was truly a time suck.

    Love your thoughts. Happy Monday!


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      I know! It can be such a time-suck…and yet, I do love seeing the pictures of my friends and their kids. I live keeping up on what is happening in their lives. I think having Saturdays be my time to catch up is going to work well, if I can keep the discipline…and I do expect my chores will be done more promptly!!

      Thanks for coming by!!!


  3. The Murphys Bill and Mary Jean says:

    Dear Sarah, Bill Murphy here! I was “inspired” last week to burn a couple of CD’s for Maddie that I believe she’ll enjoy immensely. (The boys might like them, too!) I dropped them in the mail yesterday, so be looking for them. I addressed the package to her, to make her feel special! These are some wonderfully clever Christian musicals that we played over and over when our three were growing up. If she likes them, others can follow. I’m not sure how unadorned music will compete with the instant gratification of I-Pads, high-tech graphics, etc. but our four grandchildren absolutely love this stuff. See y’all soon, we hope! Bill Murphy

    Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:35:15 +0000 To:


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      Came in the mail today…thanks so much!!! We were out all day, but I listened for a minute and Maddie is going to love these. She loves music, and really responds, so I know she’s going to love it!


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