Moving from the Absurd to Obedient through Prayer.

“From all that I said about our worried, overfilled lives, it is clear that we are usually surrounded by so much outer noise that it is hard to truly hear our God when he is speaking to us. We have often become deaf, unable to know when God calls us and unable to understand in which direction he calls us.

Thus our lives have become absurd. In the word absurd we find the Latin word surdus, which means “deaf”. A spiritual life requires discipline because we need to learn to listen to God, who constantly speaks but whom we seldom hear.

When, however, we learn to listen, our lives become obedient lives. The word obedient comes from the Latin word audire, which means “listening.” A spiritual discipline is necessary in order to move slowly from an absurd to an obedient life, from a life filled with noisy worries to a life in which there is some free inner space where we can listen to our god and follow his guidance. 

Jesus’ life was a life of obedience. He was always listening to the Father, always attentive to his voice, always alert for his directions. Jesus was “all ear.” That is true prayer: being all ear for God. The core of all prayer is indeed listening, obediently standing in the presence of God.”  – Henri Nouwen

Sunday evenings always find me slightly agitated. I feel as though I need to put things in order for the coming week, and yet I also don’t want the weekend to end. I want to be able to think more about what I heard on Sunday morning. I want to take more in and be able to soak just a little longer in what Sunday is…but Monday is sneaking up on me.

I’ve said in the last few posts that I am not the most disciplined person, and Nouwen talks about how if we are not disciplined our lives are absurd…they are so noisy we have become deaf. Sometimes for me, when things become so noisy like that it is difficult to put them back in order.

That agitation is creeping in and I just want to stamp my feet and be mad, rather than be obedient and listen.

Sometimes it helps to have something specific to put things in order. Something to focus upon that helps to quiet the noise.

Prayer requests help that sometimes. Draw us out of the noise of our own cluttered lives and help to focus. Or, if we need the support of those around us, they help us to know that we are part of the family of believers and there are others who are supporting us in prayer.

My friend Michael had a blog, and I am confident that it will be back soon, where he weekly posted prayers and drew us in as a community to pray with one another. I’m hosting that here until he is back up and running. There are folks from that blog, Phoenix Preacher, posting here, mixed with other friends from other places. I like that. A lot.

Post if you have a need. Post if you see a need…encourage someone in their need and let them know you are praying.

Focus a little.  Quiet the noise.



3 thoughts on “Moving from the Absurd to Obedient through Prayer.

  1. sarahkwolfe says:

    Praying for:

    Michael – for his health and for a job

    Sister Christian – Linnea has had SC on her heart, would like us to pray for her.

    Alexandra – Xenia asked us to pray for her. A young woman, 25, who suddenly became blind and paralyzed. She is walking a little, with a walker, but still blind and has no explanation for what caused this. Please pray for her healing…her attitude has been amazing through this all.

    Patty – Battling breast cancer and recovering from double mastectomy.

    Katie – a young girl who has been dealing with such tough battles of the mind. Please keep her whole family in prayer. Goletamom and her husband, as they have found a place for Katie to stay where they are hoping professional help will give them answers and a way forward. Pray for wisdom and for grace for this family.

    Allan’s mom – Prayer for his mom as she is dealing with her diminished eyesight and beginnings of dementia. Prayer as well for Allan as her care is falling to him…for wisdom and patience and grace.


  2. Lowly and Broken says:

    I was hesitant to post because I thought this was going to be a quickly resolved issue. But as things drag on I am struck with how alone I feel and how u am not as strong as I thought I was

    My car was hit Saturday on my way home from work. Its undriveable and I have made every effort to be cooperative. As of today I’m not even sure if the insurance company has talked to the guy who hit me. Everyone say it was totally not my fault. But I still have no rental car ( we are a one car family) I have been sewing a doctor but I keep feeling like both insurance companies are trying not to help me. My insurance is scaring me with storied of rate hikes if I use them and I have a huge deductible ( I know that part is my fault)

    I’m not even sure what to ask for prayer for. I wake up in the night gripped by fear. I pray constantly just to not have a panic attack or loose it. I’m spending 4 hours or more on the bus/ train ti get to work. At least they are OK for now.
    Pleas pray that I would feel god with me through this, cause I feel pretty alone right now. Paige has been so great praying for me. It makes me feel bad that I’m asking for more. But I just don’t know what to do next.

    Thank you


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      So sorry to hear this….ugh. L&B, praying for you that you feel God’s presence first and foremost. Praying for a sense of peace and an awareness of Him today, moment by moment. Praying that He would be generous in His mercy to you today. Praying that the result of this would be an ease of the panic attacks and a ceasing of the fear.

      Praying as well for you that your body would begin to heal, that you would physically feel better and that the pain would ease.

      Praying for wisdom in how to handle both the drs and the insurance people. Praying that this can be resolved quickly so you can get your car replaced and get back to driving!

      Keep us posted…and don’t hesitate to post!!!

      Lord, have mercy on our friend…


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