Sometimes Silence is Best…

I know it has been weeks since I have written anything here. The funny thing is that it is not because I have been so busy; things are beginning to settle down for the summer. There are still hockey games and activities, but the days are beginning to take on that lazy attitude.

Possibly that has led to my lack of enthusiasm to write, but I think it is actually something a little deeper.

There has been so much grief lately, and so many friends facing challenges if not significant trials. The tornados in Oklahoma…we’ll be driving right through there in a few weeks as we make our trek to NM and CO. I cannot imagine how those folks are beginning to start over. Such loss. Others who are facing health issues with children…and many I know only through FaceBook and yet follow their progress closely. Others who are changing jobs or houses or schools or towns and dealing with the uprooting and re-settling.

Others who face tremendous loss that comes suddenly.

Others who are doing well. Sometimes we forget to mention them, don’t we. Some who are still walking in the midst of all these events of life and do so with joy and with peace.

I just realized as I was walking this morning that I really have nothing to say. I go through these seasons and I realize that I am just adding to the noise (yes, I realize that it has taken me 200+ words to say that). It is not that I am unfeeling or that I am uncaring, it is rather that awareness that sometimes silence is best.

There is not an answer to friends who are facing deep challenges, but presence is helpful.

Prayers seem to filter down to groans.

And yet…wonder seeps in even in these times and the laugh of a 2 year old girl can bring such joy and delight.

All of this to say…time for a season of quiet. Time to observe, to pray and to read and to listen. Time to simplify for a bit. Time to just be. It is not that I am neglecting this blog…it is simply time for a season of quiet.

See you soon…when the words begin flowing again.


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