Practice Resurrection….a reading club.

We live our lives in the practice of what we do not originate and cannot anticipate. When we practice resurrection, we continuously enter into what is more than we are. When we practice resurrection, we keep company with Jesus, alive and present, who knows where we are going better than we do, which is always “from glory unto glory.”

(Eugene H. Peterson. Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ (Kindle Locations 138-140). Kindle Edition.)

The resurrection is not about us…it is not about our power to control our lives or to produce a change within ourselves. The resurrection is about God being beyond us and about us being transformed. The resurrection is about Jesus…alive and present.

I said the other day that I know I have not seen the impact of the resurrection in my life in ways tht I should. I know that the reality of God…come to humanity and redeeming us…and raising from the dead…has not sunk deep into my soul. ¬†Not in the way that I would hope and like and desire.

I believe. I consent. I follow. I worship.

I have tasted the goodness of God. I have seen His wonders and I have been struck to worship and to pray as a result. I have sensed His presence and I have known the truth of His Word.

And yet…

I have not grown up in Christ in ways that I hope I can. I hope that He can work in me.

Apparently that reality is true for a few of us. I am going to begin reading through Eugene Peterson’s Practice Resurrection. I’ll post notes here once a week…maybe doing a chapter or two a week. The hope is that you will engage the conversation. We’ll have our own little virtual reading club.

You won’t have to read the book to participate…you can just engage and comment on what I post for the week. It would be great if you’ll read along though. I’ll post the first article on Friday…covering the introduction and the first chapter. Hope you’ll come along!!!


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