Tis the Season to….leave things undone.

I had a piece I wanted to write this last week about how I have been running behind the majority of the time lately. I’ve had that feeling of anxiety and tension because I know that I am not prepared for the homeschool day, for dinner, for getting dressed because the laundry is still not put away.

That feeling that ruins the day and leaves me irritable and frustrated and snappy. Not the good snappy…like being dressed snappy. No. Not that snappy. The other kind…the bite-your-kids-head-off snappy.

I didn’t get that article written, because, well, I’ve been behind on everything.

Then I decided it doesn’t matter. I will, frankly, never be caught up. There is always something left undone at the end of the day, and I have to decide what is okay to leave undone and then just be okay with that. I was able to breathe a little after that decision.

This morning I am trying to get a bit done and be responsible with the time the kids are at tutorial. I took a break for a moment and caught this:

I slowed down. I didn’t worry too much that I was being irresponsible. I remembered instead that this is the season of the year that I love because it settles around you if you are willing, and God is able to speak to me a little more clearly…because I’m paying attention.

It requires discipline to set aside the hurriedness of the season, but here is the one thing that always….always….will bring me to the place of contemplation or joy or celebration or worship or peace  that I need: Music.

I tried to do the 30 days of thankfulness in November, and it was a good exercise. I decided this morning after seeing this video that I would take the days of December to simply celebrate music. Amazing, creative musicians who bring us to a different place emotionally and spiritually and mentally by creating amazing sounds.

Christmas is such a prime time for this as well. All the aching of our souls, that desire to know God more deeply, to allow the truth of this season to settle upon us in a fresh and new way…or an old and familiar yet deeper way…music can be such an key part of that process. And there is so much out there.

So, if you follow me on Facebook….be watching. I’ll be posting videos each day. I’ll be stopping for a moment to pay attention and let things be undone for a moment, and be okay. I’ll be listening to what the musicians have to tell me…and I’ll be listening to the whisper of the Spirit bearing witness of the mark of the Creator on their gifts…

One thought on “Tis the Season to….leave things undone.

  1. Jenn in Langley, BC, Canada says:

    I love that piece that you posted. My irreverant thought while I was enjoying it was this “I’m glad I wasn’t the prop guy that had to haul that grand piano around for the different shots during the shoot. . . those things are HEAVY!”


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