Summer seems to bring it out in me….

The couch was blue corduroy at one point, I believe. The carpet was light colored. There was a pool table in the room for a long time. A fireplace. A sliding glass door and wall of windows.

The family room in the house where I grew up. It was off the kitchen, and the kitchen had an enormous table tucked into another wall of windows, by the door that led to the backyard. The backyard, of course, held the pool.

I’ve been swimming with the kids this year after last summer not seeing a pool even once. Maddie was too little last year, the heat to strong and my body not quite feeling friendly toward bathing suits.  This year, though, we’ve decided that we will swim even if we have to sneak into friend’s yards and jump into their pools. There is something about being in water that changes the day.

I love the holidays and winter time to evoke wonder and memories of times as a family spent forming traditions.  Summertime, though, brings out the nostalgia in me for some reason. There is something in walking about the house in shorts, barefoot, that stirs memories in me. Memories of padding around my childhood home after swimming all day. That feeling of contentment physically and satisfaction emotionally.

Vivid memories are stirred….images and even the taste of eating 5 bologna sandwiches in a row after swimming all day one summer day. Memories of family spending unhurried time together. The picture is of myself with my beloved Uncle Jerry who passed away a few years ago and his son Ryan.

There is a peace that slows things down in the summer, and although there are more children in the house as friends hang out and the noise level seems to grow…there is a contentment that saturates summertime. The lack of schedule, the lack of homework and deadlines….the sounds of laughter and splashing in the pool, of eating outside and letting our voices stay in outside mode.

The charm that is part of childhood. Summer seems to bring it out in me. I’m thankful. I’m not even bothered that I haven’t written for a week when I had hoped to write every day this month. I have read books and I have splashed in pools and I have walked around barefoot most of the time. That doesn’t always provide great fodder for blog posts, but I hope it instills memories that will sneak up on my children when they find themselves swimming with their children some in some distant summer in the future….

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