The deep things come quietly….

Yes, yes, I know….I missed posting yesterday. Off to a roaring start on this month of writing!!!

Actually, I have a very good reason for not writing yesterday.  Yesterday was the day we celebrated Madeleine as a family. We had Steve’s folks over and one of his brothers with his wife and kids. It was a wonderful time focused on a baby (not so much!) girl.

She was rather taken with all the attention.

And we were rather taken with her.  She laughed and charmed us and we responded in kind.

Today, though, I was caught by the moments of simply being with her. The moments of rocking her quietly, of watching her when she is still. The moments when she is at peace just being with us.

Yep. those kind of moments. When there is no performing, just being.

I spent some time reading today, A Train In Winter. This is one of those books you have to read slowly and carefully. It is not meant to be sped through, and honestly it does not grab you from the start. It is, however, a remarkable story of friendship and of resistance and of courage.

It is, in other words, a deep story. I found that I have to read it in quiet moments when I can soak the story in.

Some things are not meant to be experienced in frivolity or distraction.  Birthday celebrations are meant to be joyful and loud and frivolous.

The wonder of holding your baby should have moments of quiet and clarity to let the wonder seep in to who we are.

Deep things come quietly.  They sneak up on us a bit, when we are still enough to pay attention.

I know I need to be still more often…and hopefully this time of writing will aid that pursuit. We shall see, for now….off to rock a baby and contemplate courage and friendship.

Blessings on you as you settle in for the night….


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