Another Year Has Passed….

Well, today is a rather important day.  It’s funny…I am still very much where I was in the last post, dealing with a melancholy sense of sentimentality. However. Today is not the day to write about that.

Today is the day to celebrate Madeleine Jane Wolfe.

She is one today!

We had her dedicated last weekend, have spent this week planning things in pink to celebrate her life, and generally are still completely enamored with her.

She has just begun to stand on her own…and I know it is a matter of moments rather than weeks before she will begin to walk.  Then to talk.  Then to become more and more her own person.

For the last year she has enchanted us. She was a surprise, and one of God’s best for us so far.  She has brought joy into this home we didn’t know we were missing.  I know there are things I will always wish I had done for her, things I will wish I did differently….but for today all of that is set aside to simply watch her be. She explores, laughs and cries, talks her jibberish and simply is in the moment. I think there’s a bit to learn from her.

So incredibly thankful for this little one.  

Happy Birthday Madeleine Jane!


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