Try Doing Something For Lent Instead of Giving Up…

So, the other concept of Lent that I have seen around the web these days is to take up doing something different during this season.

Some of the suggestions are fairly simple, and some are more challenging. The idea is that as Jesus went into the wilderness for the time of temptation, and as we contemplate His journey on to the cross, we should be moved to act for justice and for others.

We should. That is a valid aspect to Lent, I think.  So, I found some links that are pretty helpful.  The first one is from the UK. (Most of these are from varying years). I found this yesterday when I was thinking on Lent and Love…and I googled Lent Love.

I really like this. There are ideas here that work for the whole family, for individuals or for churches. There are great ideas and resources for helping the kids be involved in Lent. I’m a little too late to really get this going for this year, but am marking it for next year…there are still some things that are worth maybe thinking on for this year. Check it out:  Live Lent

This site has, well 101 practical fasting ideas for lent...Some of the ideas are for giving things up, but some are for doing different things during Lent. Worth reading through.

This next one is from the National Catholic Register. This one is really interesting for those who are involved in the arts or are moved by movies. This is about Lenten Films.

Along the lines of the last link, here’s a link to NoiseTrade and a project of Lenten Hymns. You can get them for as little as $1.
Now, along the lines of being moved to justice during Lent, the next two links I think are pretty helpful. Again, these might be things to set you up for next year, but still some things we can do for this year.

First, World Vision. They have some great things to look through and give you ideas for how to pursue Jesus and justice in this Lent.

Second, a group called Steps of Justice. This is a group that came from folks who were with YWAM. They wanted to be able to move toward more justice for the groups they became aware of through YWAM.They have a section on the website where you can post responses of the steps you are taking in your Lent journey. And they have a prayer guide…it’s a 30 day guide, so could be used any time. Maybe something for next year?

With that, I’m off to build our red neck tornado shelter. We only have one little bathroom downstairs, so it’s to tight now to get all 4 kiddos, dog and myself into the “shelter”. Dragging down a few mattresses to extend things today. Pretty good chance of tornados in our area…prayers always appreciated as these stir fear and can of course be deadly.  Maybe I’ll post pictures of the shelter tomorrow 😉

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