Things I Never Would Have Thought….

So, my friend Michael has a recurring post on his blog called “Things I Think.”  It has been long running and is even developing into a book.


Of course, I would look silly if I just copied him. So, I thought I’d do a post on the things I never thought I would have thought.  😉  See how clever I can be!


Shall we?


1. I truly never thought I would be so happy “just” being mom. Right up until the time I met Steve and got married, even up until the time our oldest boy was born, I never pictured myself as being dominated by being mom. I always wanted to have kids, but it was never a huge drive, and I always thought motherhood would be an addition.  It’s not.  It has utterly changed who I am. I am astounded by my kids continually…they are amazing little souls. As our curate Kim Thomas says, they are wonderful little image bearers.


2. I never thought I would do anything other than radio. I worked in radio in some form or fashion for around 13 years. Those were formative years…through college and my early adult years. I always assumed that I would be involved in radio in some way. Then I found myself not doing so well in that career after moving to Nashville. There were moments when that was overwhelming and an enormous identity crisis. Then that went away and I found out there were other things I was better at doing.


3. I never thought my first attempt at making tamales would be so time consuming and so rewarding. They are sitting on the stove top right now. They just finished steaming. I tested one because I’m taking them to Biblestudy tonight, and I couldn’t poison the group. They’re really good. And the smell really good. And it’s hard to eat just one.


4. I never thought I would hear that a neighbor was being evicted from their house and have it be part of the normal activity of life. The trouble that so many are facing, and how near that trouble is to almost all of us, is frightening. I guess part of it is simply growing up and being aware of the struggles of others, but I can’t get past the thought that those kids will always remember this as the Christmas when they got kicked out of their house.


5. I never thought I would love having a little girl this much. It is hard to get anything done because she is simply delightful and I want to lay around on the floor and giggle and talk to her. There’s not much more I’d like to do.


6. I never thought I would be thinking this seriously about homeschooling. Again, just never crossed my mind before kids. Now, I am getting excited about the possibility, although it is still just a possibility. Working out my thinking on that still, and praying with Steve about what our plan is.


7. I never thought I would think about going to a church other than Calvary Chapel. I spent most of my early Christian adulthood in Calvary Chapel…Albuquerque, Santa Barbara and here in Nashville. I had some fantastic times there and made some lifelong friends. I learned a lot and especially in Santa Barbara I was cared for with great patience.  When I went to Regent I began to read authors that were not on the accepted list that often in Calvary. I found out that there were some I could both disagree and agree with, and it didn’t kill me. Now, the church we are part of here is similar in some ways to Calvary. The Village Chapel is non-denominational and casual in some ways. Jim teaches verse by verse through books of the Bible. There are some differences though….there is more liturgy. We meet in a Catholic school building 😉  Jim likes to read some of those same authors that surprised me at Regent. I’m thankful for the foundation Calvary gave me….wizened by the fact that there are great shortcomings in that movement….and thankful for the place we are now.


8. I never thought it would be so difficult to come up with ten things I never thought.


9. I never thought I would use a tv show as filler for a blog….but I am hooked on ManTracker. He’s awesome. And the last episode I saw was in Dolores, CO…watching it made me think of my dad.


10. I never thought I would see my mother become so frail. Today and yesterday when I talked with her she knew me, she was engaged and it was like I was talking with my mother of long ago. Dementia seems to do that…to give us those times of her being clear, however there is that knowledge that the moment will not last long. I am amazed by how many walk through this journey of watching a loved one, or a respected one, have their mind fade away before their body is done living. Gordon Fee is another that breaks my heart…he is struggling with Alzheimers.


There ya go. 10 things I never thought I would have thought. Whew…not sure I can do that every week 😉


11 thoughts on “Things I Never Would Have Thought….

  1. Anne says:

    Love it!


  2. Alan Hawkins says:

    I NEVER thought I would meet anyone with perspectives as amazing as Sarah… You are too cool for school thus homing it sounds right…

    Plus lol… having a girl changes all the rules…


  3. Alan Hawkins says:

    Andy your settings won’t let me log in with my email accounts what gives?


  4. sarahkwolfe says:

    Thanks Anne….Michael makes it look to easy!

    Alan…I don’t know who Andy is, but I’ll tell him to check into the settings 😉 Actually, I have no idea why it won’t let you do that…I’ll check.

    And, you are too kind!


  5. Summer says:

    This is awesome! I hear you on the CC thing. I never thought I would go somewhere else after so many years there. I’m realizing now that they aren’t the only ones who have it right. It is a crazy identity crisis and really hard to wrap my head around. God has been merciful and given us an awesome church to go to, though, and I’m learning so much about who I am in Christ.


  6. Victoria says:

    I have known you for a long time Sarah and I never thought you’d think some of those things you think! But then again I’ve been known to think some thing I never thought I’d think too. I’m going to call it growing wiser – I think…


  7. Anita/Nonnie says:

    Thank you Sarah! I am always so blessed and encouraged by your writing.
    You brought a smile to my face about your little girl. They just the most wonderful little gifts. Rejoicing with you!


  8. sarahkwolfe says:

    I like calling it growing wiser as well, Vicky! At least I hope so!

    Thanks, Anita!!! Maddie amazes us daily. We can’t be around her without smiling!


  9. Anna says:

    I am with you on the “being a mother” thing. I always thought I would feel trapped being a stay-at-home mom but I’ve truly loved it. Now that I have to go back to work (still part time, thank God), I am not as excited as I thought I would be. Oh, and the same with homeschooling. Where I come from, nobody homeschools – it’s not really even legal. And now I am in my second year of homeschooling. Crazy. Oh, and one last thing: Calvary Chapel. We’re still at a Calvary but I wouldn’t mind going to a different church at all. Maybe God will open the doors.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!


  10. sarahkwolfe says:

    Thanks, Anna! Isn’t it amazing how being a mother changes everything? I’ll have to get some input from you as I get closer to the homeschooling…I’m probably going to post some articles to ask some questions when we get closer.


    • Anna says:

      I am still just trying to figure out this homeschooling thing… but it’s been great… and I’d be happy to talk more about it.


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