Monday Prayer Requests

Going to do the prayer requests for a few weeks and we’ll see what happens after the start of the year. I don’t want it to be forced, but at the same time I like the opportunity to mention some requests.


* Riley My friend’s son in Vancouver. He is still in the hospital doing treatments after the last attack. They have somewhat changed the diagnosis, and now it looks like Riley may have a condition that will impact him for life. He is 7 years old. Please pray for Riley and for his mom Nancy as well as the whole family.

*Erunner’s nephew  he is in Afghanistan. Praying for his safety.

*Kevin Another friend from PP who has struggled for a long season with pain and the drs have not been able to come up with solutions or diagnosis.

*Reuben: Needing to close on a house quickly. Praying for it to happen before Thanksgiving!!!

*Noelle: Her husband found work (wonderful, thankful!) but it is far from home and he will be gone long lengths of time.

* Those struggling this holiday season. We all know that there are many around us who struggle during the holiday season. Some have a difficult time expressing this. If you want some insights, please read this article.  Randall Slack was involved in the Phoenix Preacher blog, is a pastor an has personal understanding. It is worth reading…and then praying and keeping our eyes open this season to those around us.


So very thankful for a good trip to NM. Maddie is the wonder-girl, which I already knew, but she is also a wonder-traveler. She made friends on every flight. She made Grandma smile lots and has Grandpa firmly wrapped around her finger. It was a delight to be with the NM clan during Thanksgiving, and I found that my sister-in-law Stacy is a fantastic cook and I like red chili sauce on turkey!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can feel the stress of Christmas sneaking in, and am determined to not be overcome by it. We have lots going on with parties and school performances and school parties…and a trip to the cabins in Gatlinburg! I think we might have been crazy to add that, but I also am hoping it will be a great relaxing time in the midst of the season.


Please post any prayer requests you have.


13 thoughts on “Monday Prayer Requests

  1. Michael says:

    I need wisdom…to make good and timely decisions and to know what risks are the ones to take and when.

    I like this blog a lot…


  2. sarahkwolfe says:

    Praying, Michael. So good to see your Phoenix 😉


  3. erunner says:

    I have a medical procedure in about 90 minutes and I’m very nervous. I could use prayer. Thank you.


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      Praying now, Erunner…

      Father, I do lift our friend before You. I pray that You will ease the anxiety that tries to come into his spirit and his mind. I pray that instead Your Spirit will be present and he will be aware of Your tender care of him today. Praying as well that You will cause the workers who will take care of him to have compassion and to be generous to our friend. I pray that You will hover near as he walks through all of this….we know that for some this is simple, and for others of us this can be a trial simply going to the drs office. You know his worries and concerns and fears…meet them with Your promises grace and truths.


  4. erunner says:

    Thank you Sarah.


  5. mk says:

    I love this, Sarah! Joining in prayer.


  6. sarahkwolfe says:

    Hey mk! Good to see you here! Thanks for coming by, and thanks for praying.

    Erunner, how did your procedure go?


  7. sarahkwolfe says:

    Continuing to pray for you..


  8. mk says:

    Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad you’re continuing this thread. Miss everyone so much.

    Erunner — will keep you in prayer.

    I landed a teacher assistant position this year for elementary and absolutely love my new job. Today the principal encouraged me to apply for my certification (need to order my transcripts and submit to the State.) My dream job would be an elementary art teacher, but that role is tough to come by, so I’ll apply for an elementary teacher with an emphasis in mathematics and art. Would love prayer for courage and diligence to move forward with this new career move. I keep thinking 46 is kind of old to get started and I must be half crazy, but it can’t hurt to try and see what doors God opens, right?


    • sarahkwolfe says:

      Hey, mk! The job sounds great, and I will be praying for all the hoops with getting certified…I think you would be awesome!!

      Michael put the PP back up today, so not sure that I’ll continue the prayer requests here….they seem more at home there.


  9. mk says:

    Ok…thanks for the heads up about the PP…I”ll check back in there. Glad to hear he has it up and running. And thanks for your prayers!


  10. Reuben says:

    Hey Sarah! We are hoping to be in our new home before Christmas.

    Thanks for the prayers!


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