Sunday Morning Pancakes

We had a tradition going for awhile around our house. Saturday morning pancakes or waffles, made by dad and enjoyed on the coffee table while watching cartoons.


Well, hockey season has begun and Zach has had games at 7am the last few weeks. So, Saturday morning tradition has been on hold. This morning, a Sunday, I thought I would do the unthinkable.


Make pancakes on a Sunday.


See this is a big deal because our church now has an 8:30am service, which we usually get there by 8:35. We have to leave the house by 7:45, but we usually leave at 8. So pancakes are somewhat unheard of.


And I didn’t just make Bisquick pancakes. I made real ones. With chocolate chips.



I, of course, found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen. She even gives instructions on the best way to cook pancakes, and how much better pancakes are from scratch.  And I have to admit, they are way better.


Although my pictures are not as fantastic as SK’s…the pancakes were grand.  Some with blueberry syrup, and chocolate chips.


It was a splurge. It woke the boys up in a slightly better mood and the house smelled good.


We still were five minutes late to church, but it was okay. It’s a rainy day here today, a good day for special pancakes with chocolate chips, worship that had a bluegrass edge and a sermon that told about God’s grace through Jesus and how generous our God is. And how we aren’t.


We’re home now, warm and toasty and ready for reading and X-box and more coffee. A good Sunday around here. My friend Phil’s blog is called “What color is the sky in their world?“.  Here it looks like this:


So, what’s Sunday like around your place?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Pancakes

  1. Peggy Sevre says:

    My Sunday was NASCAR, then church, and shopping and home for more NAscar and school work. Fun huh? There were punctuating texts from Dude and playing with the dogs, and a yummy sandwich. That’s all. Not as much fun as yours. 🙂


  2. sarahkwolfe says:

    LOL, Peggy, that sounds like a fine Sunday.


  3. Reuben says:

    Usually a quick trip off to Starbucks for a Vente 6 shot Peppermint Mocha, Grande non-fat Peppermint Mocha, kids chocolate milk, two chocolate chunk cookies, and maybe a spare doughnut. Then fly down the road to church. Not at all as exciting. No nutrition.


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