Messy Monday…meet, um, relaxed Monday?!

Something is strange today.


There is a noticeable lack of noise around the house. There are papers missing, and pencils not being sharpened. Books are not being opened and discussions are not taking place.
The boys are all gone for testing this week.  All three. All day.


This is strange.


We are almost done with our first year of homeschool Only three more weeks after this week. The home stretch. I even have completed all the lesson plans through to the end of the year.


We’ve made it!
Actually, more than that. We’ve caught a bit of a groove now, and I know some things that work and some that don’t. I have more of a vision for what our days should look like, and more of an inkling to what I want this homeschool venture to be all about.


For us. Because I am well aware this is not for everyone…and it may not be for us all the way through their education.


The reality sinks in, though, on days like today when they are absent. I have become accustomed to the noise and the activity and the life that happens with homeschool. I am the first to admit that I need my space and my time to think and to read and to be alone…if I don’t have that I become pretty grouchy. Those times are much more difficult to find with the kids all home. I am the first to admit how pleased I am that we are doing this…I am surprised how much I enjoy teaching them and being with them. I am eager to see how the next year takes shape as we put some of the things we learned into practice, and as we tweak our schedules a little more.


I’m thankful. Thankful for the chance to homeschool and for all the resources. Thankful for friends who don’t homeschool and keep us balanced. Thankful for flexibility and kids who are willing to roll with something new. Thankful for the sunshine…and the chance today to relax a little and catch up on household things that tend to get pushed aside. Thankful for a relaxed Monday.


4 thoughts on “Messy Monday…meet, um, relaxed Monday?!

  1. The Murphys Bill and Mary Jean says:

    Hey Sarah, Just finished your latest post and clicked “Like!” It brings back so many memories of my our homeschooling days. Bill Murphy


  2. Lisa Huddleston says:

    I can’t believe how nostalgic I feel reading your post today. So glad you have had a good first year. It goes so quickly!


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