Happy Birthday, Steve

Well, the boys all made cards for Steve this year. They were great. They told him how they loved him and what they loved about him.

I haven’t had a chance to make my card for him, because…well…it’s been crazy here this week. Plus I wanted to make a good dinner tonight, so things got a little busy. The carnitas and from-scratch brownies were worth it, though!!

So…I thought I would make my “card” on here…and give friends of Steve a chance to wish him a happy birthday along with me!

Soooo….Happy Birthday, Steve.

Thank you for making such a wonderful life for our family. For working hard and allowing us to stay home and homeschool. For taking care of our needs…when we are sick or when we are weary or when we are just cranky.

Thank you for being a man of integrity and character who leads with humility and not arrogance. Thank you for pushing those around you to think well and to talk honestly.

Thank you for loving your kids so well. Thank you for taking delight in them and not just seeing them as a responsibility. They notice the difference.

I hope that you enjoyed your day. (Zachary scored a goal in the hockey game for Steve today…that was his first present. And, well, I’m sending him off to get his handgun carry permit as a birthday present 😉 )  I hope that the coming year surprises you…I know that I wish that for people I care about often. I do wish it though…that the year brings surprises that bring wonder and life and laughter and love to the forefront.

I hope that you know how loved you are, and how respected. We’re better when we are around you.

Love you!

Now…some others write something 😉


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Steve

  1. brianmurie says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I have really enjoyed this year with you.
    Our Friday morning meetings have been so important. I really appreciate your friendship.
    Based on your birthday gift from Sarah maybe I should try to find you a Don’t Tread On Me t-shirt.
    Happy shooting.


  2. Tina Hunter says:

    Happy Birthdat Steve!


  3. Kevin Tucker says:

    Happy birthday, Steve!!!! It’s been so great getting to know you as a friend and leader for our study group… thanks for your wisdom and diligence in that regard, and thanks for being a great friend! I hope you and the family have had a great day celebrating together! Love, Kevin & Becky


  4. Seth Mossman says:

    Happy Birthday Steve. You should go to Disney Land for your Birthday! It’s way fun!


  5. Carol says:

    Happy birthday steve from kenny and carol


  6. jlo says:

    Happy Birthday


  7. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday Steve! I didn’t remember that we shared a birthday!!! That’s so cool! Hope your day has been blessed! HP!!! Next time you come to NM, bring your “guns” we’ll go shoot!!!


  8. HaHa Sarah! Brilliant Idea.
    STEVE! Happy Birthday! AlthoughI I haven’t seen you in years (except through facebook) I have loved watching your beautiful family and all the sweetness surrounding your adorable babes. I hope you have a wonderful day! xxoos Kim Hudgins Brewer


  9. Kay Hudgins says:

    Steve! Happy Birthday! You are an amazing dude. I’ve loved watching you grow such a beautiful family. I can’t beat what your darling wife says about you so I’ll just copy her: Steve, you are a “man of integrity and character”…and not much better can be said of a man than that.
    Happy Big Fat Birthday!!!!!!!!


  10. Randy Simmons says:

    Wolfie, I LOVE you man! HAppy Bithday! Rand


  11. Joseph Watson says:

    bro! not sure how many years this b’day represents, but just happy that it’s still more than me! you’ve been a consistent brother and friend for yea verily many years! sure hope that Abba returns blessings to you like you’ve blessed your family and your legion of friends like me. as they say in oz, you are ‘true blue’! don’t worry if you can’t blow out all the candles with one breath…. i’m sure it’s just they’re just stubborn candles! happy b’day!


  12. Alan Curtis says:

    Happy Birthday Steve! God bless you !


  13. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope this next year for you is amazing, bro!


  14. Michael Powers says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend. Thank you for your friendship, advice, and just for being an overall great guy. I truly appreciate all you do for others and for your family. Godspeed in the coming year,


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